Patient Care and Safety
At Plastic Surgery W1, patient care is paramount. We believe it is essential that patients feel secure and supported. At Plastic Surgery W1, David Ross and The Team make every effort to ensure that patients are well informed and receive safe, effective and expert treatment.

To make safe choices regarding plastic surgery, we address your individual concerns and will help you to achieve the best results possible.

Your Consultation
The Procedure

The consultation is the most significant step for any patient contemplating plastic surgery. Consultations last as long as required, allowing Mr Ross to understand your aims and concerns in an unhurried and un-pressured environment. All procedures are carefully explained in detail using photographs, diagrams and literature for you to take away with you.

Mr Ross will ensure that you fully understand what your procedure involves, including any concerns associated with surgery and will give you realistic advice about the results that can be achieved.

From the initial consultation with Mr David Ross, Consultant Plastic Surgeon through to comprehensive post-operative support, patient care and safety are our top priorities.


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