Breast Reconstruction Breast Reconstruction
Reconstruction of the breast after a mastectomy due to cancer or other disease is made possible with the surgical procedures at Plastic Surgery W1. Using the newest medical techniques, Mr. Ross is able to create a breast that is similar in form and appearance to that of the natural breast. This can be performed at the time of the mastectomy, or some months or years later.

A consultation will provide you with information on the many available options for immediate and post-mastectomy breast reconstruction using Latissmus Dorsi with or without implants, Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator (DIEP) micro-vascular reconstruction or Trans Rectus Abdominal Muscle (TRAM) reconstruction.

Length of surgery: 5 – 14 hours
Anaesthesia: General anaesthetic
Overnight or Daycase: 5 – 7 nights
Risks / Complications of Surgery:
Frequent: Bruising, swelling, discomfort on movement/coughing.
Infrequent: Infection, unsightly scarring, fat necrosis, haematoma/seroma, itching, loss of skin flap used for reconstruction.

5 – 7 days until discharge from hospital

2 weeks until return to fully upright position

3 – 6 weeks until wound healing complete

3 - 12 weeks until bruising and swelling disappeared

3 months until return to work

6 months until nipple reconstruction

8 months until nipple tatooing

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