Patient Care and Safety
At Plastic Surgery W1, patient care is paramount. We believe it is essential that patients feel secure and supported. At Plastic Surgery W1, David Ross and The Team make every effort to ensure that patients are well informed and receive safe, effective and expert treatment.

To make safe choices regarding plastic surgery, we address your individual concerns and will help you to achieve the best results possible.

Your Consultation
The Procedure

We listen to you to gain a detailed understanding of your aims and wishes, helping you to safely achieve your goals, resulting in a natural appearance - not a ‘surgical’ look.

Our experienced team at Plastic Surgery W1, provides the finest quality, comprehensive aesthetic and reconstructive surgery service. Patients are assured of 24 hour post operative care and support, 7 days a week by David Ross and the Team.

On the day of surgery you will see Mr Ross and the Consultant Anaesthetist to consent for surgery and anaesthesia. The team of specialist nurses at The London Clinic – or any other hospital – will carefully take down base line observations and assist you in preparing for surgery. They will accompany you to the operating theatre. After the surgery, once you are safely recovered the same nurse will collect you and escort you back to your room on the specialist nursing ward.

What to bring into hospital

All the rooms at The London Clinic have en suite bathrooms. You will be provided with towels and basic toiletries, but should bring items for oral hygiene and any special lotions and potions that you like with you. Anything to make your stay in hospital more comfortable. Please bring some easy reading material with you whilst you wait for your surgery. Televisions are situated in each room. For further information see

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