Lipoedema is caused when excess fat collects below the waist and sometimes on the upper arms. This often creates a disproportionate ‘pear shaped’ figure with thick heavy legs and slim feet.

Treatment involves ultrasonic liposuction to the affected areas. This works by transmitting shock waves, which break down the fat leaving a milky fluid which is then sucked away. The shape and diameter of the thighs and legs will be improved and a tight garment is worn for 6 weeks after the surgery to help shape definition of the legs. Further surgery may be required to remove any excess skin.

Length of surgery: 2-4 hours
Anaesthesia: General anaesthetic
Overnight or Daycase: Overnight – surgery is always performed in a hospital operating theatre. Patients stay approx 2 days in hospital.
Risks / Complications of Surgery:
Frequent: Bruising, swelling, temporary numbness.
Infrequent: Infection, unsightly scarring, bleeding (haematoma), permanent numbness asymmetry.

5 – 10 days until socialising with close friends and family

1 - 2 weeks until return to work and normal social engagements depending on area treated

3 – 6 weeks until return to gym and other strenuous activities

6 weeks wearing specialised pressure garment

3 - 12 weeks until bruising and swelling disappeared

Duration Of Results: Permanent unless followed by weight gain
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