Moles & Skin Lesions Assessment

David Ross is a specialist in the assessment and treatment of skin malignancies. As the incidence of skin cancer increases in the UK many people are concerned about moles or lesions on their body. Skin and mole assessments are essential for skin health if you are fair skinned, red headed, regularly engage in outdoor pursuits, live or have lived in a tropical climate. If you have any particular concerns or have a previous history of skin cancer David Ross will assess your skin on a 3 monthly basis to identify any changes.

We listen to you to gain a detailed understanding of your aims and wishes, helping you to safely achieve your goals, resulting in a natural appearance – not a ‘surgical’ look.

Our experienced team at Plastic Surgery W1, provides the finest quality, comprehensive aesthetic and reconstructive surgery service. Patients are assured of 24 hour post operative care and support, 7 days a week by David Ross and the Team.

The practice is led by Mr David Ross MD FRCS(Plast), Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Head of Plastic Surgery at Guy’s, St Thomas’ Hospitals and Kings College Hospital, London.

Mr Ross will ensure that you fully understand what your procedure involves and will give you realistic advice about the results that can be achieved.

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